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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Top 5 Android Apps


 Rating in Google play store: 3.8/5 


With smartWake you can easily wake the screen of your phone without pressing any buttons!
No need for tap to wake or similar. With Raise to Wake(like in iOS 10) you just have to pick op your phone to turn the screen on!

Use the innovative face wake technology to wake the phone when you look at it!

• Raise to Wake the screen (like in iOS 10)
• Face wake, turn the screen on when you look at the phone!
• Air control, turn the screen on or off by waving your hand over the phone
• Tilt control, rotate your phone to turn the screen on
• Sleep in pocket, turn the screen off when the phone is in a pocket
• Sleep on table, turn the screen off when you put the phone on a table
• Wake the screen on notifications
• No need for tap to wake the screen anymore!




Rating in Google play store: 4.5/5


" : To-Do List ,Task List" the name itself indicates the usage of is a simple task management app which contains lots of features and tons of customization options.using this app,it is very easy to add reminders,notes, and organize your daily tasks without working about time catching up with you 


To do list by offers:

Super fast and robust sync between your phone, desktop, web and tablet. Keeps your to do list & Task list always updated so you’ll never forget a thing
Reminders - Easily set one-time, recurring or location reminders so you’ll never miss a deadline
Homescreen Widget - A simple, powerful and beautiful homescreen widget to keep your to do list always at hand
Assign tasks & share lists to accomplish even more with the people in your life.
Has both free and premium options with advanced features, both of which are available for Android and iPhone devices. 

3)Monect PC Remote


Rating in Google play store: 4.2/5


Devices simulation - Turn your device into a keyboard, touchpad, gamepad and more.
• Game play - Play all kinds of PC games with specified button layouts (race,fly,GTA...).
• Customization - Build and share your own defined layout.
• Multimedia controller - Adjust computer volume, play pause video. Pan tilt zoom UAC cameras.
• Remote desktop - Touch windows on your phone.
• PPT sync - You can see the ppt pictures and notes directly on your phone even play select & mark.
• Projector - Project phone’s screen, pictures, videos onto PC monitor.
• File access - Explore download and edit files between phone and PC.


4) Chameleon Color Adapting LWP

 This amazing and original wallpaper will adapt to the colors of you environment - just like Chameleon!

Rating in Google play store: 4.1/5


Point your device at anything and see it adapting the colors of background! Not just one color - the app will pick couple most popular and vibrant colors of the scene and will smoothly apply it to your material design styled background.
See the amazing effect on the video. Impress your friend with live wallpaper they have never seen before.
Don't worry about the battery usage - the app is highly optimized and beside real time color adapting offers also a double tap to grab the colours feature to make it even more battery friendly
☆ real-time color adapting material design animated backgrounds
☆ battery friendly double-tap to adapt color feature
☆ camera colors picker widget included
☆ smooth animations running OpenGL 2
☆ show camera preview feature to see how your camera is grabbing the colours
☆ no shadows mode for super flat material design

5)CastBox - Podcast Radio Music


Rating in Google play store: 4.6/5


CastBox is with you by providing audio content covering both entertainment and education during daily playback scenarios (commute, sport, chores, relax, etc.)

Top 10 features of  CastBox

1. Ultra simple podcast publishing solution.
2. Discover and subscribe 340,000+ podcast content. Listen to 70,000+ radio stations for free.
3. Offer podcasts and Radio from 70+ countries & languages
4. Download episodes mp3 file you like for free
5. Control playing from multiple widgets
6. Customize your own playlist
7. Share podcast with your friends
8. Switch between light/dark themes.
9. Set Sleep timer
10. Ads-Free version purchase available